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First of all this is only my personal feeling about flaming and for those of you who don't know what it is here is the definition - Anyone who writes offensive or rude messages to another person somewhere on the internet and that means in chat rooms, message boards, guestbooks, email, etc. Now I realize that free speech is protected over many parts of the world especially in the U.S and Canada but there is no excuse for hateful rude words written somewhere where the objective is to hurt someone else's feelings.

Look at it this way, how would you feel if you just were totally in love with something like..... oh..... I don't know.... dragonball Z for example...... and you collected the shows, stickers, posters, dolls, and maybe constructed a website because you love it sooooooooooooo much that you just have to share it with the rest of the world.

Ok now picture your web site, or your drawings of fan art that you are so very proud of and you put them up for everyone to appreciate and to admire ;) as much as you do. As part of your site layout you also have a guestbook or message board added to your site because we all like to get messages from our friends and family and just people we happen to meet on the Net. One day after you have worked say for like 6 hours trying to get the graphics and the look of your site "just right" someone has the gall, nerve, or "add word of choice here" to say that your site or content SUCKS, or that it is AWEFUL, DISGUSTING, PATHETIC, IDIOTIC, and that you "the site creator" are a DUMB, STUPID, LOSER, WANNABE, IDIOT, REPULSIVE, etc. etc. ..................

.......... Now............ how do you feel?

Pretty bad huh?

I thought so

So ...... even if you read this little "insight" of mine that I have put up here for all to disect and criticize just remember a couple of things:

First, what goes around comes around and you my friend if you happen to be doing what i speak of in this little blurb of mine will get yours if you continue to make people miserable and harass them by signing their guestbooks, writing stuff on message boards that will hurt the feelings of the person with your little childish blurb. You have no idea who these people are that you are talking about, and believe me I know people on the internet and in the "real world" who could make someone's life miserable on the internet and get away with it. So ..... it makes you think........ is it really worth it?

Second, if you are an adult..... which chances are you're not because not many adults I know spend their valuable time going around doing this sort of thing, and if you are doing this..... you need to grow the hell up. Think about what you are saying and what you are doing to the person you are writing it to. What if it was your son or daughter who was trying their best at making a web page and doing something they love just to have it trashed by someone who didn't even know them because that person was having a bad day!? know what thats called people? IGNORANCE!!! plain and simple. Only people devoid of any feeling for no one but themselves gets off on telling people how ugly and stupid they are.

And one last one....... kids ....... if its you doing this...... and I mean those of you who are from the ages of 5 - 17 years old.... think about how your words would sound to you if someone said them to you!? Now I can understand if you are having a bad day.... but geez..... get a grip!? I mean... come on.... I know you wouldn't say those things to people to their face..... so why do it over the internet?? cause you think you can get away with it!? haha no no no no no no....... you are sadly mistaken..... because you know what? You can be traced..... and you don't even have to put your email or anything....... and then ...... if you live at home and you are using your parents computer to say these nasty things to people..... I am 99% sure that when your parents find out..... because they will...... that you will be grounded for life!!! like i said you don't know what kind of people are out there..... and by chance if they happen to be having a bad day like you are you wanna believe you aren't going to hear the last of them.

Now with all of this said, I am not trying to be mean by doing this either....... i am being rather informative.... and the thing is with all of these digital notepads all over the internet...... anything you say can be erased in a flash..... so why bother? the person that owns the website chances are they aren't gonna care.... and just hit delete! if you are new to the internet, all this stuff can be intimidating so people........ BE NICE! .... and get over yourself! nuff said

happy surfing....... the internet is a wonderful place..... so keep it that way by be respectful and ..... to coin a phrase that every mother in the world uses..... if you can't say something nice don't say nuthin at all!! Peace