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Here is a list of my favorite or exchanged dolls sites on the internet... most of them have have original content mostly... i am not into the palace dolls as much just because I see them Everywhere! but if you are looking for good sites to see dolls here is a list for you to start with. Thanks! enjoy!

Mystics dolls
Josies Dolls
Xandorras Place
left of center
Guodruns Cartoon dolls
Once Upon a moment
Whimsy Dolls
Camilla Nimue's Dolls
Double a Dollies
Eve's Addiction
Moonies dolls
Wrens Dolls
Mistic Unicorns Dolls
Silver Sensations
Jorindas dolls
Kvitlyr's Dolls
Pixel by Pixel Productions
Moniques haven
Mandras Dolls
Veririas Place
Wings of My Spirit