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December 20th
Wanted to say thanks to all the people who have visited my site in the last couple of months :) Its been here since about the beginning of november and we've had nearly a thousand visits! thanks so much! I take this as a great compliment that people visit my site regularly or just find it interesting enough to visit once! its all great to me!
Christmas will be here in a few days! Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Feliz Navidad, Joyeaux Noel ..... wish i knew a lot more ways to say Merry Christmas but you get the idea :) Christmas here in Canada will be a nice one this year I think... we have some snow on the ground and the malls are hopping with many people finishing up their christmas shopping. So until next year :P take care everyone. This will more than likely be my last entry until then .... God bless us.... everyone.

Dec 8th
Ok well here it is December aand I am just starting this now..... *sigh* oh well, i have only had the site up for about a month now and I am so psyched about the doll stuff i think i am addicted to it hehe. I think my hubbie feels neglected lol ....but used to it by now. just added all kinds of new stuff to the site and did some rearrangin. It is sooooooo fun making these dolls and it relaxes me so much which is good considering i am sick almost every week now because of stress. oh well.... going to be adding more dolls every week i think for a while, and i may take a break over christmas. Abreak is definately needed. anyway until next time :)