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Well if you made it to this page on my site I guess you want to know a little about me the *creator* lol
Well ..... thats fine! read on and quench your inquisitiveness *grin* .......

Real name ~ Teri

place of residence ~ New Brunswick Canada!

occupation ~ Ecommerce/Network Administrator/Webdeveloper Student *grin* yep i am really taking all of those things :) the program ends aug 31 at the end of my on the job training

marital status ~ married

How long? ~ almost 1 1/2 years

husbands name ~ Paul -- wedding photos are here

pets? ~ yes two cats, females, minnie and bandit

likes ~ friendly, helpful outgoing people, trust is a big one and honesty too

dislikes ~ backstabbers, two faced phony liars *i think that about covers it lol*

hobbies ~ computers, internet, graphics design

favorite movies ~ dances with wolves, forrest gump, its a wonderful life, almost anything animated and ALL disney movies hehe

favorite ice cream flavor ~ cookies and cream! *yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm*

favorite deserts ~ nanaimo bars and red jello with whip cream *oooooo yummmy*

online friends ~ Luminesque, Mystic, Manda and all the DCS crew !!!

Traits i look for in a friend? ~ friendly, honest, sense of humor, willing to laugh at themselves, patience and willing to go to bat for you at a moments notice

favorite books ~ of any i do read its mainly poetry and computer reference, but favorite all time is charles dickinsons' A Christmas Carol, I am a big english literature buff

favorite music ~ elton john, anything classic 70's era, dance music, classical music and one of the best canadian female artists of all time JANN ARDEN she rules!!! if you don't know who she is check her site out :)

favorite quote ~ Do unto others and you would done unto you.

Well thats all that i can think of for now kiddies! i will more as i think of them hehe